Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not so wordless Wednesday

I'm slowly slogging through the backlog of pictures I have to post and I realized I never posted the child's version of the Mother/daughter apron set I made for our auction basket this last fall. Although Nate was not the most willing participant, you can get the general idea :).

I'm a very guilty feeling blogger, and I really miss my preschool schedule with the kids. It was so peaceful somehow. This year's crazy schedule that I'm currently maintaining of working at home, supplemental schooling and driving kids everywhere is not conducive to a lot of blogging, although as we get back into reenacting season I'm hoping to get some updates (oh and sewing) in, even if infrequently.

All the busyness is motivating me to think about unconventional lifestyles though, and what might be the best pace and choices for our family. If I can ever collect my thoughts on the issue, I might post on it, but the basic jist is that I'm starting to realize that some really creative things can come from unusual choices, and I think that is what I'm wanting for our family for the future.

I'm about to head into my binge sewing season, so I'll be updating the projects list, and then reenacting season will begin! Oh, and if anyone wants to hit the Sew Expo with me, I'd be delighted!


Lauren said...

Hi Lissa,

We are planning to come up for Expo again this year :D We are coming up on the Thursday the show starts. Will you be able to come play that day? :D


lissawi said...

Lauren, I'd love to go with you gals again! I'll have to check with Hubby and get back to you!