Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Machine is back!

My sewing machine is finally back out of the shop, and I've been able to get some progress done on a couple of aprons. I was drafted to make a Mom/Daughter apron set for a Moms Club auction basket, and I decided to use the Sew Liberated Lola/Lolita pattern. The pattern is based off a homemade vintage apron that originally sold on Etsy. This is the Mom version, I've gotten about a third of the work done on the girl's version. I love the skirty bits, and this was my first time using bias tape for binding, so it was a good challenge for me. I'm also too young to really remember the rick-rack phase of the 70s, so it was fun for me to use it to get a vintagey feel.

And since I've been in an apron researching mood, I came across this new Vintage Vogue pattern that I can't wait to make up at some point:

I love the idea of a silk apron, especially if I had fabulous dinner party that required a silk apron for myself as hostess. Ah well, a girl can dream can't she? :)


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so very retro fun!
it is always nice to get your machine back . . .it is a good feeling