Friday, February 4, 2011

Projects from Christmas

Alright, I know it is way past Christmas, but I don't think my brain has fully caught up to 2011 yet. So, here are a couple of projects I completed for Christmas, but never got to post.

The first is an imitation Anthropologie scarf made from a peachy cotton voile as gift for my very hip sister-in-law from L.A. I loved this project from Presser Foot because it seriously went together in 20 minutes and taught me the value of elastic thread. Elastic thread can gather fabric beautifully?!? Who knew?

The second is that I finally finished my second attempt at the 1930s Past Patterns skirt! Ok, it really only needed a zipper, but I find myself zipper challenged since I never use them for period clothing projects. Fortunately, this zipper tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew came to my rescue, and I am no longer so scared of zippers (although using a glue stick on fabric does seem a bit weird).

As you can see, the skirt became my Christmas wear this year. The design is surprising modern, and I guess the classics never go out of style!

I'm thinking I need a new project now - it is the doldrums of February and I need something to brighten my mood. Unfortunately, I have a pile of menswear that needs making up for Spring reenacting season and I'm stuck with a vest on the top which fails to motivate me. (I realize I'm always saying that I'm making a vest, and that is because it really is true - I've made at least 5 now!) At least this one is silk, but I think a good dose of men in waistcoats is in order to invigorate me - something gothic like Jane Eyre. Yup, that'll do.

I'm off to enjoy the vivid, stark deliciousness. Have a lovely, gray day!

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Rachel said...

super darling scarf and what a great skirt! you look fabulous!
enjoy your sewing hours in the beautiful northwest
we are bright and sunny and white and freezing, it is funny how different winter is for us!