Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall at the Fort & in the Northwest

Last Saturday was our fall work day at the Fort, and so although the weather was stormy and freezing, we dressed up and headed out to make the best of it.

The boys had fun running around at first, but quickly got soaked despite multiple layers of wool, and their hand and faces became cold as ice. When Nate's lips started turning blue, we decided to call it a day and left the event early.

Sheltering in doorways was the order of the day :).

I did get to pick up my pumpkin bonnet that the lovely Miss Cassandra made from the Past Reflections pattern, so all was not lost :). Now if I can just find another occasion to wear it soon...

Ah! Fall in the Northwest!! Rain, rain, and more rain! (Don't let my attitude fool you, I really do love the rain!)

We are comfortably settling into our fall routine, which of course includes lots of Pac-10 football. Nate in particular has taken to this and has decided he only will answer to "Husky's Jake Locker" on game day. He is in fact dressed head-to-toe in University of Washington Husky gear, and yes that is a Husky beanie baby he is holding, and no I did not dress him, he did it all himself! I'm afraid that one may be a football player!

I'm off to the sewing table, I must whip out some cute warm weather gear to keep the kiddos from freezing if I want to get them outside at all this season (which I desperately do as they express themselves as the wonderfully, active boys that they are :)!


Amy said...

Looks like fun! Your boys are adorable and you have a lovely family. I love your cape! I want one now...

Lauren said...

What fun. You all look amazing! I love your cape!