Thursday, October 29, 2009

I love orange!

It is autumn and the stunning fall colors always inspire me to love the color orange. I was fortunate to purchase some luscious coral orange silk taffeta in the Great Taffeta Sale of '09 from

I have a couple of ideas for making it up, I have 11 yards or something, so I'm thinking I should give a tiered skirt another try (although the math from the last one, made me promise myself never to try it again :). Here is my inspiration image from a German museum:

Another stunning orangy dress is this confection:

Hmm...I may need to ponder this a bit longer before I'm actually brave enough to cut fabric.

I was also honored to receive a Kreativ blogger award from Anna Kristine at The Art of Clothes. Anna Kristine is a fantastic blogger and amazing costume designer who consistently keeps me awed by her creations. Thank you so much Anna!
I may be blogging intermittently for awhile here as I am trying to get good study habits for school and life in place for the boys as we enter the beginning stages of education. They also are giving up naps :( so that greatly limits my computer time when I have to keep putting them back in their rooms!
I'm working on a couple of things for the boys for the cold weather season and our event next weekend, so I will get some pictures up once I am brave enough to actually try sewing fly-front trousers. Yikes!!


Barbara said...

I'm not exactly a fan of the color orange, but I like the dress style :)

Lauren said...

I love that color. It's so happy and pretty :-)