Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter cap and Saint Nicholas

I hope you all had a blessed time of Thanksgiving with family and friends! Ours was certainly a restful time filled with laughter, food and gratefulness. We are so blessed with our family!

Over the break I worked on this little cap, with the pattern designed by Sarah Jane at Romantic History. I am so grateful to Sarah for posting that pattern! I used some lovely wool from the Pendleton Wool outlet, and some scraps from a shawl. I love that it covers the ears and will hopefully be much warmer for Nate when we go to our 19th century Christmas event this weekend.

(By the way, Nate is giggling because every time I tried to photograph him in his hat, he decided to jump on the trampoline and laugh because I couldn't get a shot. Ah! To be 3 again!)

It is almost December 6, and that means it is time for Saint Nicholas day! We don't do Santa in our house, but we do remember the person of Saint Nicholas, so for history we have been studying Saint Nicholas, the bishop, and how his love of Jesus led him to do great acts of kindness for the poor. Noah, ever the one to love dress up, immediately made himself a beard of paper after our lesson (I guess that is his "old" face :), and decided to wander around the house looking for toys to give to poor children. He seems to understand the concept of secrecy this year, so I am excited to see what he will come up with for a kind act to do in secret!

I was able to hit the Black Friday sale at the Pendleton Wool Outlet, so I refilled the stash and now have lots of creative ideas swimming around in my brain for the New Year. So much fabric and so little time!!


Mrs. G said...

I'm glad that I checked Blogger Dashboard before I logged off, I've missed hearing from you! The cap is cute and looks toasty warm!

Lauren said...

Very cute cap! Great stance on Santa! We didn't do Santa either as kids. My mom always felt that if we found out Santa wasn't alive and real, how would we know that Jesus is alive and real. So, Santa is not welcome in our house :-)

Sarah Jane said...

The cap is adorable! I need to force the boys to wear theirs more often. They are currently on a hat hating kick. :)

We too do not celebrate Santa, although we desire to teach the boys about the real St. Nicholas. They are just old enough this year to really be interested in the different aspects of Christmas time.

Great to hear from you!! I envy you living so close to a Pendelton outlet! How cool is that!