Sunday, December 14, 2008


We have snow! The Christmas lights look so much more brilliant against the white!

A perfect day for making peanut brittle and drinking hot apple cider, and a chance to relax, nest, and watch the snow fall!


Mrs. G said...

Snow is magical, isn't it? I wish we got more here. Hot apple cider sounds so festive and seasonal, I'll have to make some tonight!


Lauren said...

We have snow too! Gotta love the Northwest. However, Portlanders flip out when it snows, so the down has basically been shut down.

Sarah Jane said...

Snow makes winter so enchanting! (even though, I suppose, it isn't 'technically' winter yet) We are having a snowfall right now ourselves. Yay!!

Brooke said...

Very pretty!! We are also getting snow right now here!