Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Cookies and the Wonder of String

If you don't hear from me for a bit, I'm probably under a pile of flour! There are so many upcoming holiday preparations - gifts to make and wrap and cookies to bake!

We spent a lovely morning baking cookies with a dear friend and her son. It was her first time ever baking Christmas cookies so it was a lot of fun to share the tradition and the results are delicious!

And in this season of appreciating all that we have, it appears that I have seriously underestimated the value of string. This may be because I have lost some of the joy of childhood, but thanks to a 4 year old, I am relearning that a bundle of string is an unending source of amusement.

Our humble ball of string has alternately become spagetti, a fish net, a headress for a superhero, a worm, and the starting line for races between trains and racecars. I am just waiting for him to discover that he can use it tie up his brother :)!
Wishing you joy with all the simple pleasures in your life!


Lauren said...

How fun!

Brooke said...

They look good! :p

Emilee said...

Noah with his string -- so cute! I never would have thought to give a kid a ball of twine. Great idea!