Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cookies - Round 4

It's round 4 in the Christmas cookie fight, and so far, I think the cookies are winning. My M&Ms attempt last night was a total disaster.

So...for those of you who are baking challenged like me, I thought you might appreciate this New York Times article. I read it and the light bulb went off as to why my last attempt was a mushy mess. Maybe those Christmas cookies have nothing on me after all...:)!


Brooke said...

Sorry your having trouble. :( I hope you can get it to work.

Emilee said...

I refuse to believe that anything involving an M&M wasn't completely delicious. I bet you're being too hard on yourself. :)

Sarah Jane said...

I'm so sorry your cookie baking has been frustrating. :( I had a delightful looking batch in the oven the other night and checked them five minutes later only to find them burned to a crisp - Judah had considerately turned the heat up for me! Yet again!

I think its hard to find a really good cookie recipe. Perhaps you have not found the right one yet?

Have you checked I go there for many recipes and love to read the reviews before deciding to try a recipe. And mostly everything I've tried from there has turned out really well!