Monday, November 17, 2008

Silk skirt finished! (Well, almost)

I just have hook and eyes left to do on my silk skirt, so I pinned it on the dress form over the petticoats and bustle to see how the shape turned out. I'm pretty pleased with it if I do say so myself!

You can really see how the bustle pulls the fullness to the back of the skirt. I whipped the pleats on by hand and I like the way they lay much better than by machine. The fabric is a blue and black check silk taffeta from Fashion Fabrics Club. The rustle of the silk is delicious and makes one feel so divine!
The only thing I wish I had done differently is that I wish I would have lined it (which seemed entirely beyond me at the time I was working with the panels, but I have since figured it out and it is much easier than I thought possible.) Oh well, I'm constantly learning on this sewing journey and I am still getting a pretty good bell shape thanks to the body of the petticoats. I can't wait to swish around the parlor in it!


Mrs. G said...

Oh, how delicious! Silk sounds so yummy!


Lauren said...

Beautiful, I just love silk!

Sarah Jane said...

It is beautiful! It's amazing what a wonderful shape you get with just petticoats and the bustle. How many petticoats do you normally wear?

The silk is to die for!

lissawi said...

Thanks! I typically wear 5 petticoats for working class and 6-7 for middle/upper class impressions. When I measured my circumference the other day it was 95 inches around. Not too shabby for using only petticoats without a hoop! Thanks for the compliments!