Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas silk

I have been slowly and steadily working on the design for my next dress. I am hoping to get a silk skirt/black Basque combo done in time for our Christmas events, but I do have holiday baking, shopping and decorating to pursue, so we shall see. The design is from this 1855 fashion plate:

The inspiration is the lady on the right. I am working on the skirt, and I have hired the basque out to a dressmaker seeing as my last attempt was so dreadful a professional couldn't even help me fit it. Here's hoping the new combo is more of a success!

I feel like I have reached a sewing plateau. I am comfortable with the basics, but I haven't been challenging myself because I'm not sure I can learn more on my own without personal interaction. I have been considering either joining a sewing club, like American Sewing Guild, or taking an online/instore class. I need to try something new to progress, but I am not quite sure what that is. What do you sewers do when you hit a plateau?

As for the boys, it seems like the best option will be more playdates. Unfortunately, the rec centers around here all have open gym during their preschool, and those that don't have lots of fees. But we are lucky to have some great friends and we can easily spend more time getting to know them!

Well, I'm off to the Train Show to celebrate Nathan's 2nd birthday. How did my baby get so big?!?


Lauren said...

Have fun with your boy :-) I can't wait to see your dress. It sounds beautiful

Mrs. G said...

I can't wait to see the gown, Lissa! I'm sure it will be lovely!


Melissa said...

I like it! We shall be sewing frantically on silk dresses together just before the reenactment starts! :D

KJNewhouse said...

Last time I was at a plateau an older friend gave me an American Sewing Guild membership and I decided to teach myself drafting and draping! What an adventure that has been!!