Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nate's 2!!

This post has been much delayed, seeing as his birthday was a week ago, but my baby is 2!! This was most definitely a train birthday. Nate quickly got the hang of opening gifts:

It was so cute to see his little face and his excitement that the celebration was for him! Nate loved his Elmo Live from Nana Banana and Grandpa:

I don't think he could get over that it sings and tell stories! You can tell from his face that he is enthralled!

Both boys were excited to open the Geo Trax train set that has now become a permanent Living Room fixture and they are continually busy concocting scenarios where the train breaks down on the bridge and the pilot has to come rescue it with the plane. (For those who don't know, Geo Trax includes little figures and has realistic features like beds in the sleeper car, seats in the passenger cars, etc.) Their little imaginations are so wondrous!

Then we were off to the train show as a family to explore the fantastic set-ups of model train enthusiasts!
The Lego and Playmobile train scenes were an especially big hit:

That evening we celebrated with Nana and Papa and Great Grandma. I was inspired to bake this fantastic dark chocolate cake for the occasion and it was incredible! Definitely adding that to the recipe repertoire!

I'd say from the happy, messy face that the cake also passed the Nathan test!

I love you Natey and I'm so blessed to have you in my life! I'm so happy for you that you are 2!! I can't wait to see the boy that you will grow to be and I am praying great things for your life!!


Mrs. G said...

Two is great, isn't it? We had a train fascination too here at various times, it must be universal.

Happy Birthday Nate,

Paris & Co.

Lauren said...

How fun! What a handsome boy :-)

Sarah Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Nate! :) I didn't know he and little David were so close in age - David turned 2 last month!