Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back online!

I am back online with a new laptop, thanks to a wonderful, loving husband. I have missed all your blogs and am sure I have a lot of catching up to do! Here is what has been new with us the last month or so:This is modern Spring Wardrobe piece #1. Its a double circle skirt in a cotton lawn from the same Hip Skirts pattern I used in the fall. Man, I love this pattern! Lots of versatility and very quick and easy to make. I was in a vintage mood so I bound the edges with bias binding, and added some at the top for decoration too.

We also have two new additions to our family! Meet our fish Jaune and Sol. Noah has been wanting something to be responsible for, so we decided he could try out big kid responsibilities with some fish. He is very excited and has an interest in foreign languages lately, so they ended up with French and Spanish names. They certainly brighten up our fish-themed bathroom!

I had an mid-19th century underwear weekend this month, sewing drawers for the boys and an underbody. I've never made an underbody before, but one of the tunics I plan to sew for summer is a sheer lawn, and it seemed best to have an additional layer underneath that. We'll see how that works out once it actually gets sewn (boys tunics are the next project on the sewing table).
I finished a boy's wool jacket from an original Godey's pattern just in time for our Queen Victoria's Birthday celebration. Combined with the vest and trousers already sewn of the same material, this makes up Noah's formal suit for the season.

I am also working on a yoked summer sheer (design post to come soon), we are putting together research for a historical "Ghost Tour", I have several more modern Spring pieces planned and/or cut out, and we *may* actually camp in period style for the first time this summer!!
It should be a fantastic summer of history and fun - can't wait to share it all with you!

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Mrs. G said...

I'm glad to see you back around the blogosphere again! I LOVE that skirt, it looks easily adaptable for maternity. I haven't sewn in eons but I might just have to begin again to try out that skirt pattern. :-)