Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ALHFAM conference

I had a wonderful time this weekend at the ALHFAM conference! We had some great classes on research & creating personas, as well as how to cook from period receipts, firearms and more. It is always so much fun to meet other living historians and exchange ideas! We had everyone from Medievalists to Mexican/American historians. And it was fantastic to catch up with friends from previous conferences as well!

I especially enjoyed the clothing presentation by Kay Demlow of Lavender's Green. She had re-created this 1840s silk dress from the Tasha Tudor auction awhile back and it was simply stunning!
Her daughter, Kelly, was equally resplendent in this black silk frock. It was lovely to meet both ladies, and they had some great ideas for historic clothing fixes, both in the mid-19th century and Regency.

I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too busy enjoying all the conference had to offer and chatting with attendees. I did return home to purchase some more patterns (Thanks, Kay!) and it is getting close to crunch time with sewing for our Christmas event. I actually heard my first Christmas carol this morning and I am nearly ready for that season to arrive! Let the mad rush sewing begin!


Lauren said...

Ahhh, you met the Demlows. They are such a lovely family. Looks like you had a very nice time.

Rachel said...

I imagine it was a great conference. ALHFAM looks like a great organization, what a treat to have it and all that it offers. I am thinking about my next dress to be made of silk. Any suggestions?

Hen Jen said...

wow, those are amazing costumes, so beautiful! I am in awe that you can sew like that :)