Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plaid tunic and short pants

In good faith that the summer sun will eventually make it to us here in the Pacific Northwest, I've been working on the kid's summer wardrobes. This is a transitional 1850s tunic style for a youngish toddler boy who is breeched, but not yet into mini-man clothes. You can see that the top still has many characteristics of a dress, but the beginnings of short pants are there underneath to show the male gender :).

And for all this talk of masculinity and boys in dresses, he sure does enjoy spinning the skirtiness!

The plaid tunic is a cotton madras plaid hand-me-down from older brother, and the pants are cotton twill. I'm happy to have tweaked the short pants pattern sufficiently to get the proper fit this time (including re-drafting the crutch seam) which took several efforts to achieve. Hopefully, he will be cool and comfortable through the summer events, which is the whole point anyway!


Mrs. G said...

He looks great, Lissa! Nice job.

Sarah Jane said...

How adorable! I've been contemplating short sleeved tunics for my boys for the summer even though I hoped they could get by with their long sleeved ones. We have just had such an abundance of heat and humidity lately. He looks wonderful!

Rachel said...

oh my goodness, so fabulous!
the fabric is great - i love the print! It cracks me up about the twirling - made me giggle!