Friday, May 28, 2010

Cars are a necessary evil!

This lovely little part is the cause of our most recent round of car troubles. Our van has now broken down three times in the last two weeks. That has to be some kind of record!! Each breakdown has occurred within hours of picking the car up from the mechanic for the last problem, and have been totally unrelated!

Cost of latest starter repair - Estimated $200

Total cash put into the car over the last 2 weeks - $2500

Piece of mind that comes from a Dave Ramsey emergency fund = Priceless!!

Seriously, we are very blessed that over the last two years we have done a Dave Ramsey style Total Money makeover, and even on our one income have been able to pay off major amounts of debt and stash savings. If you haven't checked out Dave Ramsey yet, do it today!!


Chandra said...

At this point I would start to wonder if the auto mechanic was sabotaging (sp?) your van on purpose!

lissawi said...

You would think so, wouldn't you? But, no it has been at no less than 4 different mechanics (some were getting a 2nd opinion/estimate) and all agreed that they were unrelated issues - engine problems, blown transmission & now a starter/alternator. By the time we are done, it should practically be a new car under the hood!

Zebu said...


Dave Ramsey has some super advice! That fund has saved me as well.

I'm sorry about your car troubles--have had many over the years ourselves. In fact, our SUV is at the fix-it place right now getting a new water pump.