Friday, June 11, 2010

Original Work dress

This is my original 1860s work dress which is now 4 years old and has been re-made countless times. We have actual working events at our site, so we need period clothes that can also work hard. This year's updates include china ringer buttons, waistband hook & eyes, and the patching of 3 bodice holes. With all those holes I seriously considered cutting it down and turning it into tunics, but I just have so many wonderful memories of events in this dress, that it would be hard to give it up. Besides, tears only add to the charm of a working class impression, right?


Sarah Jane said...

Oh Lissa it looks fabulous. I'm so glad you've kept it a work dress, it looks just like an original!!! It's hard to part with gowns that have been with us so long and have so much sentiment in them! I love your updates for this year. Period working attire is one of the most attractive styles of period dress, I think! I know I take more delight in a humble gown than a high fashion ensemble. :)

Anonymous said...

You cannot get rid of that dress--your Mother helped you make it and it was your very first project for the fort--all those memories!