Monday, June 14, 2010

A Brewer's Apron

Although looking suspiciously like a skirt on my mannequin, this is actually Hubby's brewing apron. Instructions are from The Workwoman's Guide (1840):

"Common Aprons

The simplest kind, and that generally worn by working men, is a yard wide or more, hemmed at the bottom and at the top, with a string run through to tie round the waist. It is thus worn by brewers &c."

I used linen fabric and linen ties from Wm Booth Draper. Aprons are one of the simplest sewing projects and a great place for any budding seamstresses to start!

We are very excited about our new brewing impression to be debuted at the next event, and spent much of the weekend tracking down Burdock root, Dandelion root, and Yellow dock root which, surprise, surprise, are quite difficult to find.

In the midst of this root research yesterday, we were interrupted by screams from the backyard. Upon investigation, Nate was crying and whining that Noah called him a "British guy". That's right, when our kids want to insult each other, they make historical references to the bad guys of the American Revolution.

I guess we really are that geeky History family and our poor kids don't stand a chance!


Mrs. G said...

Those are 3 herbs that we use commonly, they are good for low iron and as spring tonics! We buy ours from "The Bulk Herb Store" in half pound packages. The Brewer impression sounds neat, I'll look forward to hearing how it went!


Anonymous said...

Your Irish ancestors (Grandma Hurley-Veazie) would love this "insult"!

lissawi said...

Thanks, Paris! We will probably need to buy more before summer is out, so I will check into it!