Sunday, May 16, 2010

An interesting few weeks!

We've had some adventures the past few weeks and blogging has been getting the short end of the stick.

My oldest was diagnosed with some significant food allergies (dairy, eggs, & wheat) awhile back, and I finally decided that I should stop pretending they would go away, give up cooking two dinners every night, and get serious about Whole Foods allergy cooking. So, I have spent a lot of the last few weeks looking into substitutes for mayo, wheat, eggs and other staples. It has been interesting to say the least, and I think Trader Joe's and I are new best friends! Fred Meyer's organic section rocks too. All of this is hilariously funny, because if you knew me growing up, you will know that I couldn't even cook canned soup back then, and now I make mayo substitutes and gluten-free pizza crusts from scratch. Just another example of how God has a sense of humor!

I'm getting us ready to head out next weekend to our Queen Victoria's Birthday Party, and while most of the sewing is done, I am attempting some open undersleeves with Belgian whitework this week. This should be interesting because I don't really have a game plan or a pattern. At least I have the lace...

Oh, and our bathroom is being remodeled too, so I'm not exactly sure where to put the sewing machine...(not that the sewing machine was in the bathroom to begin with, but all the contents of said bathroom are currently strewn across the bedroom which is where the sewing machine lives). I'm also craving this fabric badly right now, and I may not be able to resist the temptation all week. Especially since our car broke down in a big way, I'm thinking some online retail therapy might help. Don't you think :)?

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Lauren said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of food allergies.... Bob's Red Mill is your friend for gluten free baking products. I use Ener G Egg Replacer for baking. Also, Rice Milk and Hemp Milk work very well for non-dairy substitutes. I feel his pain. My main allergies are Dairy, Eggs, Flax, Soy, and Wheat. It's interesting, but I feel so much better not eating those foods that it is worth it.