Friday, May 21, 2010


I just have a minute to pop on the computer before I go back to checking all our gear for our event this weekend (we haven't been out as a family to an event in nearly 6 months so there is a lot of polishing, packing and preparing to do), but I wanted to share these lovelies that I just completed today. It is so much fun to sew lace that I'm now contemplating adding some to the new sheer I'm planning!

A costume drama + hand-sewing = heaven!

Despite the forecasted rain, I'm hoping for a relaxing time celebrating Queen Victoria's Birthday. Have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah Jane said...

Oh beautiful Lissa! I love them! Wow, those will certainly add definite grace and elegance wherever they are worn. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous!!! I definitely agree with costumes dramas and hand sewing. It's sheer bliss.

Victoria said...

You looked amazing as ever. I sure loved your paletot, as well as your skirt and sleeves. It is a pleasure to reenact with you, you set the bar to higher standards.

lissawi said...

Thank you ladies!

Victoria - You are too kind. You are an inspiration yourself!