Friday, April 16, 2010

One down...

Life is finally starting to return to normal, and we are busy preparing for Spring re-enacting season to start, although we did have to cancel our first Regency event due to some family health issues. I'm hoping to return to that period at some point, but for now at least we are back to working on our mid-19th century clothing!

The past couple of weeks I have been working on Nate's wool tunic. Somehow, the whole ensemble reminds me of Fievel from An American Tale but I know its accurate, so it'll have to do. Speaking of which, the kids would probably love that movie...I must remember to put it on the Netflix list :).

It is one of the first lovely Spring days here in the Northwest, so we invited some friends over today and took our History project outside. We were working on making wigs like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington wore in the colonial era.

Not exactly living history quality, but tons of fun!


Lauren said...

What fun!

Rachel said...

oh my goodness that tunic is just fabulous! What lucky boys!

love the wigs too!