Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Tea

February is the month of tea! We are back from a lovely mid-winter break, which included an afternoon at the Oregon Regency Society tea.

We had tea in a gorgeous Victorian house, circa 1874. We were also treated to a Regency magic show, including an orange trick I cannot for the life of me figure out, and a ring trick I saw later in the week at the Children's Science museum. Very sneaky!
Lauren (The Lady of Portland House), who entertained us all with a beautiful rendition of a period appropriate song.

The Lord and Lady of Portland House.

The Lady of Portland house and myself. It such a delight to pass an afternoon in refined society with great company!

Hubby and I (although the only Victorians at the tea) learned how to play whist, which is surprisingly fun! It was also a treat to play cards in an era where it is appropriate for both sexes to play together - frequently I am confined to the parlor with the ladies, while the gentlemen talk politics in the dining room. It was a refreshing bit of time travel with less conventions and more frivolity!

Well, I am off to Mrs. Colonel Silas Casey's tea and Fashion Revue (this one firmly planted withing the Victorian period). My wool dress is also coming along and I should have an update to post soon. The end of the month also brings the long awaited Sew Expo and more time with like-minded fabric crazies (Did I say that? I must have meant enthusiasts :)! Februrary is anything but droll around here! Bring on the tea!

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Lauren said...

It was great fun. I loved hanging out with you guys. We're excited for the expo next weekend too :-)