Monday, January 4, 2010


My sewing machine broke! It is in the shop until the end of the week, so while I am doing a bit of hand-sewing, these developments are slowing down my overall plans. It may be for the best, since the machine broke and forced me to hand-gather the sleeves on my plaid pink silk, which created the exact look I was going for, and in all honesty, machine gathering probably would have been too bulky.

Instead of sewing, I've had to content myself with researching Regency gowns instead :). I've ordered a slew of patterns from Sense and Sensibility to get me started. I'm thinking of aiming for around 1810 with my first look and was inspired by these images at The Victoria and Albert Museum:

I love the color of this one, but all that embroidery! Who knew there was so much hand embroidery on Regency dresses? Since I do not know how to embroider (nor do I need to add major time absorbing details to my sewing list), I'm not sure that fact will affect my planning.

The flounces on this one are fantastic, and since we have multiple flounces in the 1850s as well, I'm more comfortable with the sewing techniques. I'm thinking this may be an inspiration for a 2nd gown though, since I need to get something made quickly so I can attend some events.

Oh, and is it completely sad that I am now scheduling schooling around events? There is a tea I want to go to for Valentine's Day, so voile - I created our very own mid-winter break so we can travel and enjoy the event. *Sigh* My kids will benefit much more from time with Grandparents, right ;)?


Lauren said...

Hahaha, Regency is rubbing off :-) Welcome to the dark side, once you start hand sewing you may never go back :-)

Would that tea be our tea in Portland? That would be lovely.
God Bless!


Sarah Jane said...

Oh these gowns are lovely! I especially like the one with the flounces. I wish we had some regency events around here but it's all CW stuff, or Fur-Trapper-Era stuff, or a conglomoration of Stuff that is pre-1750-1840 with little or no disctinction or organization between the time periods. Enjoy your research time! I know how frustrating it is when our machines go down but the sleeves you described sound lovely. .. can't wait to see pictures!