Thursday, December 31, 2009

Puget Sound Regency Society

I think we are finally beginning to get over our house of illness and I am starting to recover from the holidays which means I can soon get back to my sewing lists. I love Christmas and all that it brings but housefuls of laughter do require lots of preparations and baking!

One lovely beginning for the New Year is that we in the Puget Sound region are getting our very own chapter of the Oregon Regency Society!

You can check it out here:
Oregon Regency Society Puget Sound Chapter

If you are interested in elegant economy and refined society, join us for our first planning meeting in February and keep on the look out for more announcements of future events! I guess this means I will need to do even more sewing...:)


Lauren said...

Tee hee! I'm so thrilled you are having your own Regency Society. :-)

lissawi said...

Oh good Lauren...because you know who I am coming to with questions about fabric and styles for that era!!

Zebu said...

Oh, I am jealous. The east coast has there society and the west coast theirs. I guess, I'm stuck in the middle!