Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Silk is here!

My silk trim arrived from India today! I'm so excited to see what the plaid will look like on the bias. The colors are so vivid I think it will really liven up the gray wool.

One of our other major projects recently has been a fledgling vegetable garden. It took us the better part of a month to complete, since we could only work on the weekends, and it required multiple trips of stones, dirt and plants, but we are now the proud owners of a small backyard garden!

It is late in the season, but we managed to get some vegetable starts, so we have cauliflower, broccoli, kolrahbi, cabbage, cucumber, chives, fennel, carrots and radishes! I planted some lettuce seed, but I think it was too hot the weekend I planted because they never sprouted. I may try them again here soon because it has cooled off considerably the past week. It is a nice sense of self-sustainability, however small!

I should wrap-up now since I can hear the boys screaming in the backyard, but I had to share with you all, because the days silk arrive are the best of all days :)!


Victoria said...

Gorgeous silk, what are you planning?

Lauren said...

Very nice. What company did you order your silk from?

Sophia said...

Beautiful! Silk is always a joy!

lissawi said...

Thanks! I got it from Exclusive Silks in India. I'm planning on using it for trim. Hopefully I'll get an project planning post up soon after I finish the kid's shirts.