Thursday, September 3, 2009

Men's Formal Silk Waistcoat

Oh my goodness! I have had so little time in blogland this summer! We are starting to school kindergarten, and that and character/behavior correction with the boys seems to take most of my time lately. I'm hoping to get into a groove as we go along and find more time in the day as the seasons turn and we spend less hours outside.

I've been slowly but steadily working on hubby's formal silk waistcoat all summer, since I know that he will have an official event in early October. I still have to finish the shawl collar neckline and add handsewn buttonholes. The front facade is tan silk jaquard, and the lining and backing are polished cotton (although the cotton has lost its polish already). Once we receive the Frock coat from the tailor, he should be all set to play the groom at our event (I of course am the blushing bride :)!

I also picked out the pattern for the boys' nightshirts and I hope to spend most of this weekend sewing. Once I get through all the boy's & men's things I might be able to get back to dressmaking. I've been sort of burned out on sewing this summer since it seemed all my projects were must-makes instead of want-to-makes. Hopefully that will change soon as the sewing project pile is diminishing and must be replenished! I'm excited to get back into the blogs and creativity!


Mrs. G said...

The vest is really handsome, I love how it looks! There is something about changing seasons and our desire to sew and be creative, isn't there? I look forward to hearing more from you!


Victoria said...

Beautiful vest, Lissa. I am looking forward to congratulating the Huggins at their wedding!

Lauren said...

It looks great, Lissa :-)

Sarah Jane said...

The vest looks wonderful. Wow! Like all of your projects, it looks just like an original!
It sounds like a very fun event that you will be having - can't wait for pictures!

I'm starting to get back into the mood for sewing mid-19th century stuff. I've been dabbling in modern/other era things over the summer and now need to get sewing in earnest if we are to be decently clothed at our next event!