Monday, June 22, 2009

Whirlwind week

Oh my goodness! This week has completely gotten away from me!

We went to our homeschool convention and wound up with loads of books. I ordered a science program from Sonlight so we will get to mess around with experiments and read about bugs, botany and physics next year. (I think we might order caterpillars and watch them hatch into butterflies!) I also ordered RightStart Math. This is a very light, hands-on math program that uses mostly manipulatives and games. I don't want to push the reading thing, so while we are doing tons of reading aloud, we won't be doing any "official" reading teaching. Noah shows no interest and is still really young, so I just want him to have fun learning without a lot of pressure.

Friday night our church rented out the movie theatre, so we saw Disney-Pixar's UP in digital 3-D. Noah was less than enthusiastic (what did I really expect from a kid who tells me normal life is "too real"?) and spent the whole time sitting by the exit. Nate, on the other hand, put on the 3-d glasses and said "I like it." Two minutes later, he shouted "I LOVE it!" in the silent movie theatre :). It was a cute movie and a fun family time.
Saturday brought our Big Huzzah at the Fort and we had a blast with the new camera. I'm still sorting through all the pictures but they will follow soon! Hubby actually said he was really glad we had gotten into reenacting because we have been spending more time together just being a family and helped him to feel closer to us after being gone so much at work. That comment made my day! I will bring him around yet! (We've started researching a new impression for next year and he is super excited about it!)

Saturday night we had tickets for the Broadway tour of the musical RENT in Seattle, and it was amazing! The two male leads of Roger and Mark were the original Broadway cast members and had some of the most incredible male vocals I've ever heard in a show. Everyone in the cast put on a fantastic show and I don't think you could have seen a better performance west of NYC.

We spent Father's day celebrating with my in-laws, although my poor father-in-law had to run between the lightening strikes to the BBQ! Everyone was safe and we had a good time, but it was some pretty crazy weather! The thunderstorms rolled in out of nowhere from a perfectly sunny & warm day, and you could see the sailboats down on the Sound scrambling for cover!

This week is Sports camp for Noah, and after one day, he has already declared that he would like to play soccer (which will probably change tomorrow when they play basketball :). For now, we are catching up after the events of the past week, and learning to work our new camera, so keep an eye out for photos soon. Hope you all are enjoying the early days of summer!

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Lauren said...

I loved that movie! Aaron and I keep joking that they must have studied our pets. The bird acts just like my parrot and the dog is like both of our pups combined :-) God BLess!