Monday, June 8, 2009

Older Boy's Linen jacket

Here is the older boy's version of a linen jacket, completed at last! The pattern is an original from Godey's Ladies Book and the trim is based off a fashion plate in a private collection. The jacket is bag lined with polished cotton, although I learned post-project that a summer jacket should be unlined. Fortunately, it doesn't get really hot here, so even with the extra layer, it should still be comfortable. I'm finishing up the pants as well, so the boy's suits will make an appearance at our Big Huzzah event this month.

Did I mention there is nothing more amazing than a strong man who is also a loving father? Summer time means lots of family time and I so love my boys! All three of them!


Mrs. G said...

I love the jacket Lissa! I'm always amazed at people who can draft patterns that actually come out looking like originals!


Lauren said...

Very nice! I love the picture of Bryce and your boys. So cute!

jane said...

Glad to read your posts again! They give me a sense of normalcy


lissawi said...

Jane - It is so nice to "see" you! I'm so glad to hear you are doing better physically!