Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Herb Garden

Well, its no Victory Garden, but a few weeks back the boys and I planted our very own herbs. I think the boys were a bit *too* excited about this, however, because they seemed to think it was great fun to mix up the labels and until the plants grow a bit and get more distinctive, I can't really tell which is which :). I even caught one of them attempting his very own brand of "watering" and was fortunate to be in time to divert him into the house :). Ah, the joy of little boys!
As for sewing, I have been buried under a pile of petticoats that need resetting all week, once that is done I hope to progress onto projects that are more fun! We currently have a NW heat wave that is zapping all my energy, as no one here has A/C. So anyhow, I'm off to melt into a puddle in front of a fan and watch some kind of snowy movie. Stay cool!


Barbara said...

Very nice :) We have started our own little herb garden recently as well. Right now we have got cress and parsley, and very soon we will hopefully have chives as well.

Anonymous said...

You can never have enough basil!! Makes pesto at the end of the season!
Love Mom