Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Queen Victoria's Birthday

We had a lovely event this weekend out at the fort for Queen Victoria's birthday party! Pretty much the only pictures I get of the boys anymore are as I am running after them - actually this is a great metaphor for my life in general lately: running after the boys. I never imagined that mothering would take so much energy or that I would be so busy while accomplishing abosolutely nothing on my list at the same time!!

Nate loves to shoot anything moving!

The boys did try out some new historical toys. The Flying machines and Ninepins were favorites of the bunch!

We did get some wonderful family snuggle time in the heat of the day under a cool, shady tree while listening to musical group Lark in the Dark. It made me wish that I had a period reproduction book of read-alouds. We have been doing a lot of reading aloud at home recently, and I think it would be a great rest activity when we are out at the Fort, so now the quest is on to find a period correct version of Mother Goose nursery rhymes or other stories for young children!
John Salicco, professional reenactor and proprietor of There Was a Time... provided a perfect afternoon atmosphere with his music.

The young people taught period dancing to the music with our guests and whiled away the day playing croquet...

We did scuttle the children home in the mid-afternoon for naps, because it reached nearly 80 degrees - downright HOT for the Pacific Northwest :). We had a great time, and now it is back to our reality of rain, loong sewing lists and responsibilities.
I'm hoping to get more time to sew and post as the preschool year wraps up and as hubby's busy season eases off at work. I am so ready for him to be home more!! It is very difficult to try and run a busy household of two active boys by yourself. I'm sure this is just a season and this too shall pass, and hopefully in those moments I will be grateful that I spent time on my children even if my house is never again the same!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I LOVE your idea of reading aloud from period appropriate books for the kids!

Sarah Jane said...

You all look sooo wonderful. I hear you about chasing after boys. That seems to be the story of my life lately, too. :) At least Malachi is stationary - for now. :)

Emilee said...

Been meaning to tell you I really like the redesign. So pretty. Did you take that picture?

lissawi said...

Thanks Em! No it's not my picture, but it is one of my favorite places in the world, and being that my blog is named for a beautiful view, I thought I should give people one gorgeous view to appreciate :)!