Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Musings & John Adams

The upcoming Memorial Day holiday has me thinking about the many sacrifices made for our freedoms and our liberties. A friend's husband and the father of her 3 sweet babies under 5, was killed in a Blackhawk helicopter crash in Iraq a couple of summers ago, and each Memorial Day since, I can't help but reflect on how much more liberty has cost some than others, and how grateful we should be everyday for those in service to our country. Taps was played this morning at church after a moment of silence, and each time I hear it brings tears to my eyes because I will never forget the moment the single bugler sounded those forlorn notes at Corry's memorial and how much that family gave in defense of our country.

I've been watching the HBO series "John Adams" in honor of those who took such great risks of life and property to found our nation. Although it is not my period of choice (if I lived on the East Coast it would be!) and being who I am, I cannot fail to appreciate the fantastic men's costuming. This reproduction of a Continental uniform was based off an original in the Smithsonian, and is an incredible work of art.

John Adams and Benjamin Franklin dressed in their finest to beg France for aid in the revolution. The cravats and waistcoats are stunning!! I'm getting ready to work on a couple of my own waistcoats and these are definitely fodder for inspiration even if they are nearly a century too early :)!
The embroidery and rich fabrics of Jefferson's ensemble belie his status as a wealthy landowner of the South. Colonial Williamsburg worked on the details of the production and costuming to produce a result focused on historical accuracy.

The Great Coat is one of those garments I have always admired but never had enough courage to undertake. I'll have to settle for the beauty of admiring this example.

May you have a meaningful Memorial Day, and as we celebrate with family and friends, may we all be humbly grateful for the many men and women who have given and will give their lives in defense of the liberty we enjoy in our great nation!


Mrs. G said...

I have not yet been able to watch this but I'll make it a point to now!


Anna Kristine said...

I gave you an award!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I absolutely loved this series, I thought it was so well done in every way!