Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Historic Toys

I'm packing up some surprises for the kids for this weekend and they include lots of new historic toys! The boys already found the pop-guns I was trying to hide and immediately began shooting each other with those, but I'm also bringing blocks, tops, a Jacob's ladder, pick-up sticks, flyers, marbles, jacks, dominoes, an endless landscape puzzle, pick-up sticks and nine-pins (aka table top bowling). There is a slate and a slate pencil for drawing too. Between these and the livestock that will make an appearance (we're expecting horses, sheep & chickens), they should be happier than a lark!

I also found reprints of McGuffey's Original Primers from 1836. I'm intending on using them for some homeschooling work, but they can double for some reading at the Fort.
I was pleasantly surprised to turn to Lesson 5 and see that it was the word CAP and right there was a picture looking suspiciously like our cap. Maybe integrating some of this history and education into our lives won't be so hard after all! What an adventure it will be to see what new skills they take away from our hobby!


MissNonaEleanor said...

Oh, what fun! Can't wait to play with the boys on Saturday! I haven't seen them in quite a while! Zoie's coming with me too; they will all surely have a blast! We'll be bringing some blocks too!

Mrs. G said...

Our children really enjoyed the period correct toys that we got for them for Christmas. They are put away until our next event so as not to lose their interest. We use the McGuffey's for school here, I just love them! Let us know which toy had the greatest "playableness" for your boys.


Barbara said...

I like historical toys! Have you heard about the "Museum of Childhood" in London ( If you ever travel to Europe, do not miss it - I guess you wouldn't want to leave it once you are in there ;) I got totally stuck with the many beautiful doll houses they have there!

Brooke said...

What cool toys!

lissawi said...


I went past that museum when we were in London and thought it looked great, but I didn't have time to stop. I really want to get back there when the boys are older, so we'll have to check it out next time!

Sarah Jane said...

How AWESOME! I have been thinking about getting more grown up style toys for the older two for this season. The little children we have in our groups are older as well so I think they would enjoy something along these lines. Where did you get yours? I'm contemplating several of the items from Ragged Soldier.