Monday, April 20, 2009

Drawers, tucks, edging, oh my!

Drawers are ready for opening day! Three tucks each, with a cotton lace edging and bone buttons. I had to try and shoot some of that beautiful April sunshine in the background. Its not something we see everyday around here!
You'll probably see lots of posts from me about event prep this week. It always seems to be such a task getting ready for the first event of the season. This year we are going to try baking as well. Hubby is working on a flat bread, and I am going to whip up a gingerbread. I'll keep you posted!


Brooke said...

The drawers look lovely!
It will be cool reading about y'all getting ready for opening day!

Mrs. G said...

I love your tucks and edgings, they lend such a feminine touch to such a utilitarian garment.


Anna Kristine said...

I love tucks. :) The sunlight makes these look so fresh and wonderful. So lovely. :)