Monday, April 27, 2009

April Living History Day

Living History season has officially begun! Our first event at the Hudson Bay Company's Historic Fort Nisqually, circa 1855, was "jobbing about the Fort."

We set up our historic toys and picnic in front of the Factor's House so the kids could play and enjoy the volunteers and guests. This was our first time picnicking authentically, and aside from the amount of pre-planning/baking, it went well! I don't know how those women did it all, it really was "So Much To Be Done" as one aptly titled book puts it!

Sharing gingersnaps baked from an 1845 recipe from Feeding America website.

The boys built block towers with some of our youngest guests (and enjoyed knocking them down equally as much!)

Nate quickly made friends with Zoey, Nona's niece, and together they were double trouble!

The boys actually did help a bit with the chores, weeding the garden and such.

Nate could not be separated from his beloved pop-gun (which, I might add, is loud enough to be heard across the entire fort, and garnered many chuckles from on-lookers).

He even got "firearms" instruction from one of the officers of Fort Steilacoom (a nearby historic American military post)!

The fiddler began to play, and the children began to dance...
Then Noah picked up a dried out squash from the garden and shook the seeds to play percussion...

For those of you who know about these things, this was an entirely third person event, so we did not disturb anyone's experience by using a modern video camera. We had a great first event and can't wait for Queen Victoria's Birthday Party next month! I hope your weekend was equally as enjoyable!


Gill said...

Great pictures, Lissa! I'm glad the boys had a good time and so nice that they found a friend to share it with! I like your new design and the different pictures of your family too!


Mrs. G said...

Sorry about that, I didn't know I wasn't signed in as myself. :-/


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

What a treat to see these images! Sigh, so rarely do I get to see these events done with such obvious sensitivity to their impression. Bravo.

Victoria said...

Darling pics of the boys, Lissa. We enjoyed your boys that day and the pics are happy memories.

SgtP_USMC said...

Hi Lissa! This is Vicki from the SA Academy!! I loved your pictures- you all look great! What fun!