Thursday, February 5, 2009

Car Napkins!

Although it may seem small, we have been taking steps towards sustainability by trying to go "paperless" in our house. To that end, I am removing all our paper napkins and replacing them with these cute and reusable cloth car napkins. I made them from some of the leftover flannel from the pajama pants. The kids love the bright colors and prints so much I don't think they've even noticed the switch! I'm such a sneaky mommy :).

Now if only giving up my dependence on paper towels was so easy! And after the colds in our house this weekend, I'm not convinced of the virtues of hankies over kleenex, but hey, one battle at a time, right?

I also found the local, organic meat shop this morning so that makes me happy! Now we can get our meat, milk, eggs and all produce from local and organic sources. Not quite self-sustaining, but outside the corrupt corporate economy at least :)!

Edited to add: This is a great post about why we should not abandon eating organic and local despite the cost of groceries and the economy.


Emilee said...

The paper towel thing is a post-kids problem, I think. We used a roll of paper towels every two or three months before Sam was born, and now we go through two or three times that many. I've been thinking I should buy a big stack of bar mops and keep them handy in the kitchen as my go-to instead of paper towels, but I haven't done it yet. Mostly, I'm afraid of having even.more.laundry. Blech!

Brooke said...

Those are cute! We haven't used paper napkins or paper towels for several years.

Anna Kristine said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)
I've only seen the very first episode (while we had cable) and a small part of a later episode of Robin Hood online, but I loved it! I'm tempted to just buy the first season one of these days because I can't find any other way to watch it and I'm pretty sure I'd love it. Glad to hear it reminds you of Crusoe. :) I hope they put that on dvd!
By the way...cute napkins! :D
~Anna Kristine

Mrs. G said...

Great post Lissa. You can go paper towel-less, we haven't bought them in years. But, like you said, one battle at a time. Congrats on finding a good source for meat etc. that's a great find!


Mrs. G said...

I forgot to comment how cute your cloth napkins are!