Saturday, January 31, 2009

City vs. Country Girl

I completely cracked up while reading this survey on Sarah Jane's blog, so I had to answer it myself. Don't laugh too hard!!

How City are You?

I've Drunk Starbucks more than once in my life:
Okay, I live in WA. This is pretty much a no-brainer. I can order a extra-hot, extra-foam, skinny, vanilla, decaf latte faster than you can blink. I love this place. I think we actually own some stock :).

Sometimes I link arms when I walk with someone:
Yup. I remember doing this with Em as kids and it carried all through my sorority days. Not so much with the hubby though. Must be a girl thing.

I shop at AE, A & F, or H co.:
*blush* I'm actually wearing a H co. sweater right now. I do like their clothes although I wish they weren't so blasted expensive. It's time for this fashionista to become a recessionista!

I own 4 or more dress shirts/dresses:
Would this be a bad time to mention my purple satin party pants? I don't think they've made an appearance since college, but yes I have an entire section of my closet devoted to LBD's and dress shirts that I no longer wear since I no longer work!

I will never be caught with out my cell phone:
I actually hate my cell phone because I don't like to be that "available." That and DH changes the model every year so just as I'm getting used to it, I have to learn another one all over again. That being said, I do take it with me everywhere I go, I just turn it off in personal protest (don't tell DH).

I blow dry/straighten my hair on a daily basis:
Okay, I thought I was seriously letting myself go by only blow drying my hair everyday. Pre-babies (and hopefully now in toddler stage) I would curl/straighten/use product in my hair each morning.

I wear flip-flops no matter the weather:
Its cold here. I like my flip-flops, but only in the summer.

I own an oversized pair of sunglasses:
They were my favorite pair until Nate broke them!

I own one or more pairs of ripped jeans:
I think everyone in our family, including the kiddos have one of these. I did take some flak from DH though about paying money for something that was already ripped.

I layer my shirts:
Yup. I bought layering shirts today. Total shirt count for the last 2 days: 4.

I have had a "My Space/mirror pic:
Does Facebook count?

When I am not drinking Starbucks, I prefer water:

I get annoyed with tom-boys:
Why? If it works for them, great! For me, not so much.

I own an oversized bag or purse:
My bag of choice! My current one is a Dolce & Gabbana knock-off.

I have seen every episode of Laguna Beach:
*ducks* Yes! This is one of my guilty pleasures. I also follow The Hills, but I have to say that The City has failed to impress.

I say "lol" online:
Guilty as charged!

I own straight-legged jeans:
This is one trend I just can't get behind. It reminds me too much of the peg-leg jeans in the 80s. That being said, they do look great tucked into boots, so never say never!

I walk across the street when there are cars there or not:
This is actually a regional thing. Out here it is common to see groups of people in Seattle standing on the sidewalk, in the rain, waiting for the "walk" signal. We just don't walk otherwise!

I wear necklaces:
Well, I have loads, but since having kids, they pull on them, so only for date nights :).

I own an Ipod/MP3 player:
Yup. A lovely bright pink one, just like my cell phone!

I have the internet:
I am typing, right?

I have more than one screen name:
Yes. I have a little green book where I write them all down to keep them straight.

I have/owned a small teacup dog:
Yes, my childhood dog Taffy is near and dear to my heart. A Yorkie is on the list for the future.

I have said "lol" accidentally in conversation:
Yup. Moving on!

I love shopping:
Yes, but I need more shopping buddies. I am seriously outnumbered in this household. If you are girly, like shopping too (and window shopping) and live in my area, I'm all ears!

I shop whenever I have the chance:
Sure! Even if I don't buy anything its fun to help with someone else's purchases or get fashion inspiration.

I have watched "The Simple Life":
Yes, once, but it was a total waste of my time.

Count the Yes's and multiply by 3 to get % city:

I'm 72% city. Then this next part should be a hoot!

How Country are You?

Have you...

Ridden a horse?:
Yes. I was an intern for a summer in CO and I actually helped herd cattle on a ranch one day. Of course, my face promptly swelled shut from my allergy to horses. It was my last time on a horse too!

Owned a horse?:

Owned land?:
No. Maybe someday...

Been 4-wheeling?:
Yup. During my same summer in CO. Bet my parents thought I was working that summer! Just kidding!

Said "ain't"?:

Been cow-tipping?:
We tried to do this one night in my small hometown, but we couldn't find a way into the nearby pasture with cows. Plus, I was afraid I'd get trampled. They look pretty big, hairy, and scary.

Been deer-hunting?:
No way.

Seen a deer get cleaned?:
Unfortunately, yes. We took this family vacation to Idaho when I was young and stayed with friends who had been deer-hunting. I'm still recovering from the experience.

Caught a fish?:
Yes. In CO, where else?

Been swimming in a lake?:
Yes. We used to vacation sometimes with friends at Lake Almanor. Such a fun place!!

Worked on a ranch or land?:
Not unless my before-mentioned horse experience counts!

Lived in a house in the middle-of-nowhere?:
Although I used to complain about this as a teenager, I'm guessing if you could see your neighbors you don't qualify!

Been duck-hunting?:
No. 'Nough said.

Been swimming in a river?:
Yes. I'm guessing right about now my parents are realizing why I wanted to move to CO after spending a summer there :)...

Driven a truck?:
I can't remember. I don't think so.

Own or owned a Confederate battle flag?:
Not only do I not own one, I don't think I've ever seen one outside of a re-enactment setting.

Have said, "I don't like it...I love it!"?:
I'm pretty sure I've said this one, but I'm a very charismatic person. I need lots of ways to express myself!!

Have a funny accent or have had people tell you that?:

Owned or own a pair of cowboy boots?:
Not once.

Own/owned a cowboy hat?:

Own/have owned a big dog?:
Our dog is tall but very skinny. He's technically a medium-sized dog, so I'm going with no.

Say y'all?:
Um, no.

Been made fun of for saying y'all?:
Never, but I think it is so cute! Why would anyone make fun of that precious Southern accent?

Swear when you're mad?:
Yes, but I'm not proud of it.

Go to church on Sunday?:

Ridden a horse somewhere in town?:
Yeah, no.

Gone on a field trip to a farm/ranch?:
I don't think so.

Made deer jerky?:
I'm sorry, but that even sounds gross.

Eaten deer meat?:
Yes. Said friends in Idaho made us eat Venison stew. Not a fan favorite!

Shot a gun?:
No, but I've always thought it would be fun.

I'm 30% country (apparently I'm too much person for just 100%, I get to be 102% :). See Mom & Dad, there is some OR left in me after all!!

Anyone who has time and the desire, you're it!!


Lauren said...

I'm going to have to try that one. What fun!

Lauren said...

Oh, and come down to Portland and we can totally go shopping. I love it :-)

lissawi said...

I might have to take you up on that Lauren! My parents live in OR so we do pass through there occasionally ...:)