Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kids and the Election

Kids + Elections = Funny results!

The election "game" of the states turning red or blue was immediately embraced in our house as the best part of the TV coverage. Blue was decided upon as the preferred color (irrespective of any political relevance) and much rooting and cheering occurred whenever a state turned blue on the large TV maps.

According to the (nearly) 2 year old, the candidates were "Bama" and "Cain." These were shouted with glee whenever either man's picture appeared on the screen. (which, I might add, happened A LOT throughout the evening :)

And the number one comment of the night, was when the 4 year old announced we had just elected Optimus Prime, transformer, as the next leader of the Free World!

But on more serious note, political policies aside, no one could fail to miss the emotion and significance of this historic moment.

The reality of an African American family entering a White House on steps built by slave labor is an image too powerful for any student of history to ignore. Symbolically, we are finally freed from the haunting legacy of slavery. Thank God Almighty! We are free at last!

And in this one way, I am both humbled and proud to be an American tonight. God Bless America!


Anonymous said...

Good mornin' Lis!
Dad's comment to this was" WOW, its neat to be learning things from your kids!" [He meant YOU].
Love, Mom

lissawi said...

Thanks Daddy!