Sunday, November 2, 2008

Celebrations galore!

Sunday is a day of rest in our house and boy are we grateful for that rest this week! After 4 birthday, Halloween, and Harvest party celebrations this week, we need a break! Because I just can't resist, here are some photos of the boys in their costumes this week.

Noah and his friends were adorable as various superheroes at the Moms Club party. They are at that cute age where they all think they actually become the superhero when they put on the costume. Noah specifically asked me why he couldn't fly like Ironman. I mumbled something about not having a jet pack as I tried to control my laughter. The kids all ended up trying to fight like their superheroes too and the action noises were pretty hysterical.

I decided not to dress up for the church Harvest party and I regretted it when we arrived because many of the adults were in costume this year. This gave me the great idea to try the Sense and Sensibility e-patterns for next Halloween. I have always wanted to try a Regency pattern, but I have never had anywhere to wear them, so maybe if I get my act together, I can have a great costume next year! Of course, I will need lots of help from you Regency experts on the correct fabrics and such.

So, right about now I am pretty tuckered out from all the celebrating, and it appears that Nate felt the same way, since he fell asleep on the way home from one of the parties. Hope you had a Happy Halloween, Harvest, or whatever you celebrate! Here's to the beginning of a fantastic holiday season!


Emilee said...

Oh, gosh. Noah's Iron Man costume is too cute.

People keep telling me that this parenting gig gets more fun as they get older and from the looks of it, that's true. :)

Sarah Jane said...

I love your new background!

Oooh, I think you will LOVE the Sense and Sensibility patterns! I just printed off the ELC e-pattern today and am dying to get started on a drawstring regency dress. Hopefully Lauren will tell about proper fabrics and such *hint* since I need to know too! :)

lissawi said...

Yes parenting can be so fun! It is so cute to see their little personalities and the things they can do!

Alright Lauren, I need some tips on fabrics! I was hoping you or Sarah Jane would instruct me and it looks like it is up to you!