Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Values

It all started with a house. Not just any house, THE house. A beautiful, if completely neglected, 1915 Victorian style house on 2 acres in the valley. It had been foreclosed upon, but could be gorgeous if restored by the right owners, who cared about its past.

We spent much of last week contacting real estate agents and touring it (the doors were open) but alas, it was not meant to be. Someone wiser in years made a full cash offer that priced us out of the market.

The experience did provide us with valuable insight about how we want to live our lives as a family. It is so easy to just let life happen to you, without making lifestyle choices based on your values. You can easily drift from college to marriage, career and kids on autopilot.

I had always assumed I wanted to live in a suburban subdivision because that's what you do when you have kids. I never really considered that there are alternatives. At some point last week, I realized that nearly all of my favorite literary and film characters have a common theme. Girl grows up in small town, girl leaves to conquer the big city, and while that time in the city always remains a part of her, she realizes that what she wanted all along was the simple life she had growing up. Anne of Green Gables, Jo in Little Women, Allie in The Notebook and the movie Sweet Home Alabama all follow this dramatic plot. Could it be that I revel in this theme because subtly I want it to be the story of my life?

What really is important to me? Somehow, I doubt very much that it is the series of endless meetings that have cluttered my life these past few weeks, regardless of the worthy causes. With my 30th birthday approaching next week, I am taking a step back to simplicity and the little things that add beauty and fulfillment to daily living. The amazing glory of God's creation, the small achievements of my children and the joy of creating through sewing and cooking. (Its true, although I'm sure my mother is laughing right now).

As for the house? We now have a new dream of restoring an old house on some acreage. If not now, then maybe years from now. With a much better sense of ourselves and our purpose, we are working hard to save for the days when our dream can become our new reality.


Lauren said...

God will provide you with all you need, and maybe with a beautiful house to restore. God Bless!


Sarah Jane said...

Oh Lissa! I saw myself when I read this post. I too long for a simpler life and a historic home, with plenty of outdoor room for boys and animals to romp on. I will be praying God will lead you to where He wants you.

Mrs. G said...

Well, Lissa, *I'm* not laughing, I think it's a worthy and noble goal. It's so hard to keep our priorities straight when the world around us is flying to pieces. We need to be an oasis of sanity in a world gone crazy, I think that's why we gravitate toward each other; to know we're not alone is comforting.


lissawi said...

Thanks ladies! I didn't mean to imply that Mom would be anything but completely supportive, its just that I was the farthest thing from domestic growing up and I'm sure she is amused at the change :)!

jane said...

Thanks for your posting about the house. It can be so tempting to strive after what we thought was important or what we dreamed about from books and movies. Whether the suburbs, city or country, you and your family can be fulfilled. It is so great to hear of your listening to Him and your willingness to wait on Him.