Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blog title

It occurred to me in chatting with various visitors to my blog that I am not really as clever as I thought I was when I created this page. To that end, I feel I should explain myself and the title of my blog.

"A Fair Prospect" is a Jane Austen reference from Pride and Prejudice meaning "a beautiful view." The theory being, that this blog is supposed to be a beautiful view of my life.

100 points to you if you caught the reference without the explanation and now you know! So much for my being witty and charming :)!

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Mrs. G said...

I get the 100 points! It makes me think of the Sacred Harp song "Sweet Prospect" also. I thought *everybody* would get the play on words that Pastoral Symphony Farm evokes. Not so, too many people don't know about the pastoral symphonies (Beethoven's being a fairly well known one)and don't see how that ties into farming. Can a person still be clever if there's no one who understands?