Friday, August 29, 2008

Small Projects

While I am keeping my dress for Candlelight under wraps (it being the biggest reenacting event of the season around here) until the first week of October, I have been working on a variety of small projects.

I made this set of collar and undersleeves from the most fabulous Swiss Batiste from Farmhouse Fabrics. It has woven stripes throughout and although the collar was cut on the straight grain, the finished result is that the stripes sit on the bias. I whipped on more of the cotton lace from Belgium that I got at the Sew Expo. I really need to get more lace next year. I better start saving now! The quality of European lace really is phenomenal! The set finishes off the ensemble perfectly, although you won't get to see it for a few more weeks :)!

I also received my satin taffeta ribbon in the mail today and I picked up the Wave-o-nets from Sally Beauty supply so a hairnet is in the mix as well. I went nuts tonight at JoAnn's Labor Day Sale and got loads of fabric for the boys pajamas, so now I have a lot of sewing to do!!


Sarah Jane said...

The sleeves and collar are beautiful! What lovely fabric that looks to be.

Lauren said...

I love your sleeves. The fabric is gorgeous, it looks so soft and light. :-)