Friday, February 18, 2011

Boy's plaid shirt

The first item on the crazy long Spring historical sewing list has been completed! This is a plaid cotton work/play shirt for Noah, complete with underarm gussets just like Dad's.

Shirts should be a fairly simple project, but to make them authentic, there is actually quite a bit of hand sewing. The final result is worth it, but it can be time consuming to flat fell all those seams. He'll wear this with some wool trousers & braces and a collarless wool vest.

We are headed out to the first Tea and Ball event of the season this weekend, so I should have some lovely (hopefully) pictures of actual reenacting soon! It has been a long, gray winter, and I am ready for some gaiety and fun!!

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Rachel said...

Fantastic shirt for the little man! I too am ready for some cheerfulness and gaiety!