Monday, December 20, 2010

Hip skirts

This year is ending somewhat disappointingly, with lots of illnesses and obligations. But I'm trusting that life is lived in seasons, and that this too shall pass. Because of all the sickness and responsibilities of a business, we haven't been able to make it to many events this year. So, for the time being I have turned my focus toward some modern sewing.

I really enjoy sewing now, and I don't want to set it aside simply because we have to take a hiatus from reenacting due to life circumstances. In fact, if anything, I need more creativity and beauty in my life right now! I've been busy attacking the unfinished and wish project list and I sewed up this "Hip skirt" in the last few weeks.

This is a cotton corduroy from JoAnns that went on an awesome Black Friday sale. The fabric was printed on the bias, which was how I would have cut it anyway. And did I mention that I love all the accessories that are in style now? Such a great way for a recessionista to change it up with out going broke.

Pattern is Hip Skirts by Favorite Things. Very nice, simple pattern and I think I will try it again soon in a button up wool version.


Lauren said...

I hope the Holidays go better for you guys :-) You're in my prayers.

Sarah Jane said...

I hope you all have a great Christmas Lissa! The hip skirt is ADORABLE! I LOVE it and think a wool one would look very classy. Such a cute style! May the coming year be full of blessings for you and your family!

Mrs. G said...

What a super cute skirt, I really love it!

Rachel said...

Super cute and very hip!
I hope you and your have a Merry Christmas.