Monday, August 16, 2010

Pattern enlarged...

I've been working away on the Naim Cloak, which I have sized up and fitted. Here are the final pattern pieces. I have cut out most of the fashion fabric and am just about ready to work on the quilting. I did discover that I will need both more fabric and more wool batting for the final product, so I may be a bit hung up until I can get to the store later in the week.
Meanwhile, I did get some good time to sew while the boys went to Seattle this weekend for a special event. Look for those photos for Wordless Wednesday!
Mostly I'm just trying to stay cool, since we have had a crazy heatwave here, and none of us in the NW have air conditioning. It is kind of pathetic how badly we all react to heat here! I'm thinking it might be time for a nice, tall glass of iced tea. Have a lovely day!


Lauren said...

Ooh, that's going to be lovely. I'm spoiled and have A/C units at home, but not at work. I'm counting the minutes till I get to leave. Stay cool, friend.

Mandy in TN said...

Keep us updated!