Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Linen Summer Waistcoat

We are back from vacation and I have finally scratched an unfinished object off the list!! I began researching and working on this vest last summer with this post. It has only taken a year, but by golly, I did finish the vest!! It is made of white linen with a white pima cotton lining & back but without the goat hair interlining, so it should be cool in the summer weather (assuming that summer ever arrives here to stay that is - today's high was around 70 degrees).

Next, the plan is to work on a summer tunic and short pants for Noah. I really like the look of the tunics that Sarah Jane has done in this post, and I have some reproduction lawn, so I may try a short-sleeved tunic. I have the mock-up done so we will see how far I can get this week. Next week is VBS, which should give me a good chunk of uninterrupted time to sew.

We had a great time at the lake and perfect weather, so I will have some pics up tommorrow for Wordless Wednesday. We also discovered over the course of vacation that our kids can't swim and are terrified of water, so today they completed their first swimming lesson! We finally found a private pool with very small classes and despite my stress over it, the kids did fantastic!! I'm so excited for them that they will now be able to enjoy the fun of swimming! Lack of swimming lessons has been one of my biggest "mommy regrets" over the years since we have so much water nearby. I'm glad to have the safety aspect of swimming addressed and I'm hopeful that the kids will burn off some of that endless energy in a healthy way!

Our 10 year anniversary is also this week, and I can't wait to share the memories of that day! Also, if you get a chance, please be praying for Noah this week as he undergoes allergy testing. He has so many allergies (including very high responses to dogs, which we have) and so he will be starting allergy shots. As anyone who has a 5 year old, or has been a 5 year old, knows this will be a very difficult weekly experience. However, we want him to know the joy of pets & animal companionship, and allergy shots seems like the best option to allow him this possibility.

I'm hopeful that summer weather is just around the corner, so here's to the sun!!

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Sarah Jane said...

Lissa it is wonderful! I just got a pattern for a shawl collar vest, and seeing your gorgeous project has made me eager to try it out. Great job!!! I will be praying for Noah. Poor little guy, I hope the allergy shots won't be too bad and that they do what is needed for him to enjoy his animals. Swimming lessons sound great too. I had them as a child, but haven't really thought yet about getting them for the boys. I want them to know how to swim for safety reasons as well as for fun, so I really need to start checking around for that! And happy anniversary!!!