Tuesday, July 27, 2010

19th Century Family Fun Night

Whew! Last week was VBS week and it totally overwhelmed me! Our anniversary, Noah's birthday, Family Fun Night and VBS always fall with a 1-2 span during July, and chaos inevitably takes over.

We did have a fun week though, culminating in 19th Century Family Fun Night which my dad was able to attend with us.

The boys did their usual tour of the bastions...

and Hubby showed off his new summer picnicking suit, including a fabulous linen frock coat and trousers made by Tailor Jim Ruley. The hat doesn't quite fit, but we're working on that (we still need to get a hat stretcher and stretch it a bit).

Family Fun night is all about games, so we started the evening by playing graces & an early form of badminton, while taking a moment to dine on ice cream and lemonade.

Nate was finally big enough this year to participate in the sack races, and to his credit, he did make it about halfway down the race before falling so much he gave up and handed his sack to another child. It was so cute to see him try!
Noah, being the big 6 year old that he now is, had better luck and he finished the race with Grandpa as his partner.
Noah posed for us with the ribbon he won from the sack race (along with all the other guests and participants).

Then, of course, it was time to line up for the firing of the candy cannon, which shoots out saltwater taffy for the children to run and gather.

We went home tired but happy. Family Fun night is always one of our favorite events because it is so geared to families. The weather was lovely, and has finally gotten warm here, so I have a few items I need to finish before our next official encampment in two weeks. And then, if I am on the ball, I will need to start work on Fall items as we have several cold weather events. We will see how motivated I can be!


Lauren said...

That looks like a ton of fun!

Sophia said...

You guys looked great, as usual. It is nice to finally have summer. Judging by how fast I sew though, I'd better get started on Candlelight! Best not for me to get complacent ;)

Mrs. G said...

Your family looks lovely as usual! What a great event, you're so fortunate to have such nifty things to go to.


lissawi said...

Yup, we are blessed to have such a great place to go play with all the great staff who work so hard for the volunteers and guests!

Kash said...

That looks like so much fun! Hot, but fun! :)

Rachel said...

what a great event!
family fun night, that is a truly great idea.
You all look wonderful, your dress is beautiful.