Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Dorrit Top Hat

Because I am still infatuated with the men's costumes from the BBC's Little Dorrit, and because I have been in a hat mood lately, I have to share our latest acquisition of a mid-1850s top hat.

The curve of the brim,*sigh*, the quality of the felt, *drool* and the overall look just makes one want to swoon.

The interior is lined in red silk and sewn with 16-18 stitches per inch!! A true work of art created by legendary hatter Tim Bender.
Which brings us one step closer to a Little Dorrit impression. Well, a girl can always dream :).
We're off to Seattle tomorrow to the Symphony and the Children's Theatre production of Goodnight Moon. Have a great weekend!


Anna Kristine said...

*drooling*...I'm so in love with the costumes in Little Dorrit, and a top hat is what makes any Dickens outfit complete. :)That is such a lovely one!

Sarah Jane said...

Oh that is gorgeous! I love all the costumes from Little Dorrit, and top hats are sooo gentlemanly and romantic. Mr. Bender did an exquisite job!

I doubt if I'll ever get David in a top hat though. . .he's 6' 4" and I think he'd look just giantlike in one. But you are right, a girl can always dream. :)

lissawi said...

AnnaKristine - Thanks! I'm so sad that Little Dorrit is over, that was my weekly costume fix!!

Sarah Jane - Hubby had the same complaint about wearing a top hat - he's also 6'4". But, it is the formal hat of the 19th century so for our nicer events he agreed to try it. Our hat is also about 2" shorter than the average top hat to make him feel better ;)!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Hi there...I just revisited one of my old posts and saw some newer comments that I'd missed, so I wanted to be sure to respond to your about the doll!

We can talk more if you haven't done anything with her clothing yet.

By the way, on the top hat subject, I bought my husband a real antique c1860 beaver felt hat...and he looked absolutely ridiculous in it. He just doesn't have the right shape of head to get away with it. You'd think that style hat would dignify any man wearing it...but sadly, this is not the case.

I guess that's another reason for the different styles of the day.

I just finished Little Dorrit on Heaven! Now I am attempting to read the real thing.

Lauren said...

That is so cool! I love it :-)

Gina said...

Great hat! Arthur looked so much better in a top hat than he did in that silly-looking round thing. :-)

lissawi said...

Gina - I completely agree! The top hat was much better :). Thanks for stopping by my blog!