Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crunch time!

It is crunch time! I finished Noah's wool button suit this week and am ready to move on to the other projects on the crazy list. (I'm not sure what the stick is about, he thinks he is an explorer or something :) Our Spring events are always the hardest to predict weather-wise so we end up needing twice the clothing for either warm or cold!

We have a little less than 3 weeks until event season officially begins! After that it will be a whirlwind of camps, trainings and of course events.
Still on the long list of projects are:
Wool cap for Nate
Straw hats for both boys
A Wool overshirt for hubby
A hoop for me
Linen suit for Noah
And I'd love to get a new dress for me done, but I can't figure out when!
In the midst of that we have end of the year/wrap up transitions that are already beginning! If you don't hear from me, I'm probably sewing! I'm so excited for warmer weather and events to begin again!


nanabanana said...

That picture of my grandson Noah MADE MY DAY!!! He is adorable and you are one incredible seamstess!! Loved our time together here--and what a debonaire picture of your husband in the previous entry! You are one blessed woman!! And, I love you more! MOM

Sarah Jane said...

Oh Lissa, he's adorable! It is crunch time for me too! Our first event with the boys is at the beginning of May and their wardrobes are still piles of stacked material in the sewing room. :(

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I am in love with him! What a great job in dressing him, he's really a sharp dressed little man.

Lauren said...

Lissa, he's such a doll! I love his outfit. So darling. I'm excited to see what you are creating. I really enjoyed hanging out with you last weekend. You must come down again. Our house is always open :-)