Thursday, January 1, 2009

1850's Men's Tucked Dress shirt

The holidays have flown by filled with family, fun and food! We have spent quite a bit more time at home than usual, and I think it has been good for us. A friend actually complimented Noah on his good behavior yesterday (noting the change), and I'm considering that it may be due to the fact we have not been keeping up our hectic schedule over the break. The New Year is a great time to reflect and readjust our priorities and "unscheduling" probably needs to be high on the list this year. Now if only I can find a way to regretfully decline without giving offense!

We are entering that lovely wintery time of year when I can actually focus on sewing! While we still have some events, they are not as numerous as the summer and there is more time to sew and attend training conferences (these are sorely needed in my case).

Currently on the project table is a 1850s tucked dress shirt for Crusoe. I have to admit that this project is mostly selfish because he looks so devastatingly handsome in a dress suit! Our modern world doesn't afford nearly enough opportunities for men to look like gentlemen so I'm going to have to content myself with the 19th century. Plus, I would LOVE to attend the Victorian festival which includes a true Grand Ball and we will need to be suitably attired :).

I'm working with the Past Patterns Mid-19th century shirt pattern, which is a square cut shirt and, in all honesty, is a really on the early side of shirt "lines" for this timeframe. I think it will work because we do early-mid 1850s, but if I was going for a Civil War look I would need to do significant modifications to the shaping of the shoulders among other things.

This is my first time working with undersleeve gussets and they are being a bit fiddly. I do adore the fabric though, Pima cotton is such a nice, tightly woven fabric!

I was also able to pick up some girly fabrics for Spring skirts and dresses (gotta love those 50% red tag sales at Joann's). They make me feel cheery on a gray and rainy day and remind me that Spring will come eventually!
Happy New Year!


Lauren said...

Oh! what a great project! I need more time in my schedule to sew. I only made 1 thing in 2008!
Happy new year!

Sarah Jane said...

Wow, the shirt is looking amazing! I have wondered how that Past Patterns pattern works up and am so excited you are using it to make your husbands shirt! I will be eagerly looking forward to sewing updates. :)

Ah, I missed the Red Tags sale this year - darn. There are always some fantastic bargains! The fabrics you chose remind me of spring and are so cheerful and bright.

As far as the drawstring dress undergarments, yes, I do have a set of short stays I wear with regency gowns although I can't lace it up as fully tight as it should be right now. The dresses fit without the stays w/ modern undergarments as well but I like the look of stays, myself. :)