Saturday, October 25, 2008

Red Button-on dress

This week I have been working on Nate's red wool dress. Its a good thing I did, because although it was supposed to be for an event in a few weeks, I found out we have an unexpected filming at the Fort this week and now he will have something warm to wear!

The dress is made of red tropical weight wool, and trimmed with black soutache. It is actually a brilliant ruby red, although the pictures wash it out. The bodice buttons on to the skirt and the skirt can be removed for next year when he will transition into button on trousers. The dress was inspired by these images taken by one of the members of The Sewing Academy at a museum in the South.

The original dress also had a complimentary jacket with identical trim and I would love to add that to the outfit, but I think I need to get working on a silk skirt for me and a silk vest for DH as our formal events all occur in the winter. Maybe I'll get to the jacket before our Spring events. One can always hope!

As for now, it is back to letting down hems on petticoats so that the skirt will "poof"sufficiently for a mid-19th century silhouette. These children really need to stop growing! I'll leave you with my favorite image of Civil War boys that influenced the trim and reminds me of my boys:


Mrs. G said...

That outfit is beautiful Lissa! You've inspired me to get Elisabethe's dress finished TONIGHT! I love the CdV, is it yours?


MissNonaEleanor said...

Oh! How cute Lissa! I can see Nate running around in it already! I love the trim too!

I wish I could skip school and come to the fort on Thursday too. :P Oh wait! I DO have a half day, so maybe I CAN skip school....hmm....I shall talk to my Mom about it.


lissawi said...

I wish the CDV were mine! Alas, it is just one I have saved off of ebay. Elisabethe's dress is lovely by the way!

Nona- You must come play with us on Thursday! You have to be on TV!

MissNonaEleanor said...

Mom said it'd be fine if I skipped Thursday! Now, to convence Anna to skip.....



Lauren said...

Oh how fun! I just love reenacting, it gives us grown girls a chance to play dress up and escape, for a bit :-)

Sarah Jane said...

The little dress is just too precious. I love the trim and the boys in the cdv that inspired the trim are just darling. They remind me of my two little boys, too!

I love the idea of having a button-on bodice portion. Hmm. . .I'll have to keep that in mind for little Davids next outfit.